About Me


My Background

I grew up in Surat, Gujarat and had my education in a local high school. I graduated in Electrical Engineering from Government Engineering College and went on to pursue my ambition to work with computers as a Software Engineer. I worked with two of the Industry giants in India, TCS and Reliance in my tenure of 7.5 years in IT Industry as a SAP BO Consultant majorly and lately as Hadoop Administrator.


My Hobbies

When I am not at work, I like to watch Tennis matches. I like to sky gaze and track stars and planets.

I like to write and spread message about  well being and good will, hence I blog @way2heart. I have taken an endeavour to gather as much information as it can be about Surat and collate them into a website which is called as Surat Diaries. I like to carry my mobile with a convertible selfie stick cum tripod on my travel adventures. I like to visit places of historic importance, scenic beauty, architectural significance and natural flora and fauna.

Gajar Halwa - Indian Sweet Dish

My Favorite Things

I love to cook and feed people around me. I like to experiment with new dishes and cuisines. Till now I have been able to work on Indian curries, bakery and some sweet dishes. I wish to be able to cook some of the well known Indian dishes and continental cuisine

My Blog

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